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Product Designer

Let your customers add images or graphics to the products they order.

Works for any type of products

Whether you sell t-shirts, notebooks, or mugs, you can enable our custom product designer feature for it. You can also customise possible design placement areas based on the type of products you have. It’s the most flexible custom product design solution out there.

Supports text, image, or both

Allow your customers to add text, image, or both! Out custom layer option allows you to combine multiple texts and images on top of each other. Any type of design combination is possible. Customers can add as many images as you allow.

Let customers upload images

Limit image choices to a pre-set gallery of cliparts, or let your customers upload their own images. They can see a preview of how the final product will look with their custom images added to selected areas.

Set available text colours

Limit text-colour combinations to keep your print requests manageable. You can also set the available colours to choose from. Customers can request additional colours and combinations if needed.

Set print areas and variations

Name and customise different print areas for different products. You can set available colours for these areas separately. For example, you may allow green text only on the “front cover” area of a notebook and so on.

Manage easily from the backend

Preview all design orders and get the details from your site dashboard. We provide you with the design mock-up and images in separate files so that you can easily manage the printing process.

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