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Delivery Options

Let your customers select custom date and time for delivery or pick-up.

Add delivery time
selector at checkout

Let your customers select when they want to get their products. Our advanced delivery options add a time selector to your checkout page. This gives your customers more flexibility and improves your chance of conversion.

Set time slots for each day

You can set available time slots for each day and change them anytime from your site dashboard. This helps you ensure that the customers won’t select a date and time when you cannot deliver the product to them.

Put order limits for each time

To keep your delivery requests manageable, you can set how many orders you’ll take for a particular time slot. If the order limit is reached, the checkout system will show that time slot as unavailable and prompt your customers to select the next slot.

Manage easily from backend

Your site dashboard gives you details of the orders placed. You can set off days or weekends. It’s also possible to customise how long a time slot remains open. For example, you can set a time point after which next day delivery will be unavailable.

Sync with your Google

In addition to your site dashboard, you can get all the customer orders synced to your Google Calendar. As soon as a customer places an order, the customer’s name, time, and delivery address will automatically be added to your calendar.

Pick-up time settings

All these delivery settings are also available if your customer chooses to pick up any product from your store. They can select the pick-up date and time, and you’ll have the records on your site dashboard.

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