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About WebCommander

Powerful and flexible, WebCommander gives you everything you need to build a
conversion-friendly website or online store.

The WebCommander Story

Webcommander is a powerful DIY content management system and ecommerce platform that is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses sell products online.

While creating and managing ecommerce sites for our clients, we noticed the problems they face in their daily operations and how the traditional CMS products fail to address those issues in a straightforward manner.

That’s why we created WebCommander.

Helping Australian SMBs since 1998

WebCommander’s earliest predecessor WebCommerce began its journey in 1998. It was one of the very first DIY website builders focusing on ecommerce.

Our company grew steadily throughout these early years, eventually developing many cutting-edge platforms and business solutions. With increasing demand, we rapidly upgraded our flagship CMS product and rebranded it as WebConsole.

Thanks to the success of WebConsole, the business grew across Australia and beyond borders – with distribution partners in the UK, China, Canada and the Middle East and clients in almost all of the developed countries.

Eventually, in 2003 our parent company was consolidated and rebranded as WebAlive. Under the efficient management of WebAlive, our CMS became more robust and cost-effective, enriched by the experience of serving hundreds of ecommerce clients across Australia.

Finally, in 2015, WebAlive launched the modern, feature-rich successor of our CMS - WebCommander. We created a product that incorporates feedback from thousands of real users and addresses their business problems and requirements.

Today, WebCommander is used by individual users, retailers, and wholesalers who want a unified platform to manage every aspect of their online business from a single point. We make online success simple for you, and we’ll continue to do so in the upcoming years.

WebCommander has proven to be very helpful and
cost-effective. Their support team has always been
very responsive.

Josh Goldman

Business Consultant

Developed by WebAlive

WebCommander is developed by WebAlive - one of the pioneers in providing end-to-end web solutions for businesses in Australia. It helps WebAlive clients get a superior ecommerce experience, customisation, and support compared to traditional CMS users.

Our Company Philosophy

We always wanted to build a product that doesn’t just give our users a bunch of features but provides them with a unified solution that solves real-life business problems online retailers face every day. That has been our core philosophy since the day we started building WebCommander.

When we first started, a self-managed ecommerce platform was unheard of. But we correctly predicted the need of our customers and understood that a DIY solution could help businesses of all sizes find success online.

Our mission is to transform our clients’ businesses, as opposed to focusing on just our own profit. We believe that if we take care of our customers, they will take care of us and profit will be a natural result of this process.

This philosophy of collaboration is echoed in our company culture. We have a very talented and diverse team of professionals who love to work on such a customer-centric company. Anticipating customers’ needs and addressing those with creative solutions are what keep us moving forward.